Boost Your Team or Community Members' Wellbeing, Health and Finances

From less than $5pm.
Per team member (1099ers included).

95% of benefit programs don't cater to businesses working with the 80 million freelancers in the US and also price out most small businesses. This leaves millions underserved and exposed.

There are millions of businesses who are desperate to offer better benefits, but can't afford them, are ineligible or can't offer them due to working mainly with contractors (1099ers).

Meanwhile, there are many millions of workers who don't have health benefits for themselves or their families.

They cannot afford accounting or legal advice when they need it most.

They also can't afford time away on a vacation.

They don't know how to plan for retirement.

And they don’t have anyone protecting them from companies overcharging them for basic amenities such as gas, phone and internet.

Both employers and team members have been alone, with no-one there to help.


Employer or Community Leader, what if you could…

  • Give every Team Member access to unparalleled healthcare plans for a fraction of the cost, including 1099ers?
  • Help them all save on their household bills?
  • Send them on a dream vacation?
  • And much more...

What if this could quickly boost your ability to recruit quality people more easily, while encouraging them to stay longer?

Incredibly, this can all be made instantly available to employers from lower than $5pm. Per team member.

* This is for all employers and all your team members ie both W2 employees and 1099 contractors, of all ages, without restrictions.

Dream Vacations

Send your team member on a 3-7 nights on a complimentary vacation to top US or International locations, such as New York, Las Vegas, Paris, Rome or Cancun 

  • 3-7 nights domestic vacation once a year
    - to 50 US destinations
  • Or 3-7 nights international vacation once a year
    - to 30 global destinations

Worker chooses destination. Absolutely No Timeshare. 

Dream Healthcare Benefits

Get all your team members (including 1099ers) and their families a robust health care plan for a fraction of the price it would cost them to get it directly.

* For any age or health condition

  • Covers Member, Spouse and Dependents
  • Free wellness exams and lab work to review with your primary care physician.
  • Includes unlimited urgent care and telemedicine visits.
  • And many more benefits, including option for unlimited mental health sessions, up to 85% reduction on prescription medication, and more.

Our healthcare experts will consult with all team members on the right solution for them and their families.

Dream Bill Saving

People today feel the increasing burden of their monthly bills. What if you could save all your team members 30%-50% on their bills?

Our team of experts will negotiate better prices for them with their existing vendors. This is 100% done for them without any upfront cost.

Team Members will be able to save on all these bills and more

We Handle Everything!



At your request, we 'll communicate with your team members about their benefits. We'll also provide you with a company-branded (or community-branded) website, where your team can review and choose their preferred benefits.



We'll enroll team and community members in the program they choose. Our group of specialists will help them find the best solutions for them and their families.



We'll provide ongoing support following enrollment for any questions or issues that arise or changes that need addressing.

This is available right now for ALL employers, businesses, non-profits and community leaders, both large and small.

We'll do all this for a few dollars per month for each Team or Community Member, including all 1099 contractors and volunteers.

We'll provide you with your own enterprise-quality, branded Benefit360 Employer or Community Leader Sponsored Hub...
...which will allow your Team Members or Community Members to review and select their preferred options.

The full list of available options includes: Free Yearly Vacation Stay, Restaurant Vouchers, Healthcare plans (including virtual, personal/urgent care, wellness and complementary medicine), Personal Bill Savings, Accounting Services (including free 1040 preparation), Legal Services (including free living will), Financial Services (including retirement planning), Roadside Assistance, ID Theft Protection, Global Travel Services and more. We'll be adding more benefit options over the months ahead.

We are a Founding Partner of Umbrella Local, an award-winning Benefit Agency.

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