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Step 1.

Click to go to our Main Overview Page then click on any of the upload buttons.

Step 2.

Enter your basic contact details, including location. "Business" includes Non Profit Organizations.

Step 3.

Select Commercial Services Consultation towards the bottom of the options shown. After you press "Proceed", we'll get back to you as soon as possible with an appointment time.


If you are an Employer or Community Leader, what if you could…

  • Send every Team Member on a dream vacation each year?
  • Get them all access to unparalleled healthcare plans for a fraction of the cost, including 1099ers?
  • Help them save on their household bills?
  • What if this could quickly boost your ability to recruit quality people more easily, while encouraging them to stay longer?

Incredibly, this can all be made instantly available to all employers and community leaders via a Sponsored Benefits Hub for around $5 per month - per team member - depending on how many members enroll.

* This is for all Employers, Community leaders and all your Team Members ie both W2 employees and 1099 contractors, as well as individuals and families, of all ages, without almost any restrictions.