Even More Ways to Secure Growth and Sustainability

...by taking the pressure off your organization's donation-raising efforts as the demands for your support continue to increase.


We have provided a detailed overview of our unique Fundraising Partner Program at https://recessionresister.com/fundraising-partner-program


Announcing Our Funding Flows Forever Formula

We have a deep desire to help non-profits (and other community-minded groups) to fundraise for a cause without raising funds in the traditional manner.

You may have already seen one of the innovative ways we achieve this via our fundraising partner program above. This blue ocean initiative is a central component of our new Funding Flows Forever Formula.

From simply uploading some bills and saving a few thousand dollars to finding the holy grail - a perpetual source of funds to secure your future - the following graphic tells a story of expanding possibility for your non-profit or community-minded organization, and your mission.

Brian Richards CEO, Recession Resister

Here's how it works



Upload some bills to experience the service - and savings.



Now get paid for every qualifying bill that your supporters upload.



Work with us to help organizations save on their imaging contracts.



Access a perpetual source of funds to firmly secure your future.


From Q4 2023 onwards, we are stepping up our own commitments to help underwrite the fundraising independence of a selected group of Non-Profits and Community-Minded Organizations.

PLUS: We are also including a six figure Goodwill Package for each Organization selected.


Applications Open in Q4, 2023 For The 100 Voices Projects

To underwrite the beneficiaries of our new Funding Flows Forever Formula, we have allocated a 7-figure amount for Phase 1 of our associated 100 Voices Projects in the USA. Full implementation will start in January 2024 and expand as the year progresses.

This is the minimum level of sponsorship support we are offering, initially benefiting 100 non-profits and community groups or organizations who go through and experience the benefits from at least two or three elements of the Funding Flows Forever Formula.

These initiatives are designed to help all worthy causes with supportive communities to raise money: non-profit organizations, booster clubs, youth groups, churches, civic organizations, individual causes, PTA/PTOs, sport teams, schools and universities, research facilities, special needs organizations, hospitals, veterans organizations, chambers of commerce, social clubs, leagues, associations, alumni groups, environmental and animal organizations, foundations and other special interest groups.

Applications will open in Q4, 2023. Even if you just want to express your interest, or ask some questions first, book a time with me below to find out more.

Brian Richards CEO, Recession Resister

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If you are an Employer or Community Leader, what if you could…

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  • Help them save on their household bills?
  • What if this could quickly boost your ability to recruit quality people more easily, while encouraging them to stay longer?

Incredibly, this can all be made instantly available to all employers and community leaders via a Sponsored Benefits Hub for around $5 per month - per team member - depending on how many members enroll.

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